Fairy bow
"You found the Fairy Bow! On the Select Item Subscreen, you can set it to (<), (v) or (>). Press (C) to take it out and hold it. As you hold down (C) you can aim with (+). Release (C) to let fly with an arrow."
— In-game description

The Fairy Bow is an item from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, but there are similar bows throught the Zelda franchise. This Bow fires arrows at various targets, such as enemies or Crystal Switches. The arrows for the Fairy Bow are stored in an upgradeable quiver. It is the main treasure of the Forest Temple, the first dungeon in the ruined future Hyrule, where it is guarded by three Stalfos. The Fairy Bow can only be used by Link as an adult.

There are three different magical elements that the arrows can be charged with; Fire, Ice, and Light. The Fire and Ice Arrows are optional, and can be found at Lake Hylia and the Gerudo's Training Ground respectively. The Light Arrows are given to Link from Princess Zelda near the end of the game, and are necessary to defeat Ganondorf.

Regular arrows will also be lit on fire when shot through the flame of a torch. This allows them to set the target ablaze even without Fire Arrows or Din's Fire.